Friday, January 14, 2011

Bullies & Life, Part 1

If there's anything causing greater uproar in the school community, its the ever growing empire of bullies. Gone are the days where playful banter, like the occasional wedgie, were the worst the victims had to suffer. Now the attacked face even death- either at the hands of their proprietors or authors of their own demise.

Now it's wonderful that there are resources to battle these bullies, and communities are on the watch to target and attack the worst of them. But.. the sad reality is bullies DON'T go away. In school they are torture, in adult life they shape shift and morph into Bosses with authority complex, sullen co-workers, and pushy neighbors. Unfortunately, for those of us that the law doesn't protect anymore, we have to deal with them the old fashioned way. Outsmarting them.

And luckily, the usual bully is not your average Einstein. The best thing to do is prepare yourself to deal with them from the crib, and when you can no longer rely on the principal to solve your problems, you won't be scared out of your wit. 

Mean Bully Shoving Kid into Locker
For one, bullies are HUMAN. Believe it or not, under the scowling, sneering face lies the same skeletal body you have. Punch a bully and your problem will only grow. Learn how his brain works and you've got a person in the palm of your hand. It's not as hard as it sounds. Even bullies have to deal with bullies- even bullies have fears and anxieties- even bullies need friends. How can you use this knowledge to work on your behalf? 

In the wonderfully accurate and artistic sketch above, we have an idea of what these bullies are like- larger than life! And with a fear inspiring countenance. This is just a small idea of what poor kids go through every day.

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