Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ninfamous' Gotta Have-Em Apps for Droid

So you have a Droid. I already like you. You don't feed the man and you don't settle for the path of least resistance. Put that in your pipe and shmoke it, Apple. 

So, to reward your awesome decision, here I am posting the top 10 free apps you will enjoy having, bragging about, and using til your battery dies. Drumroll, please!

10) GeoQpons. Nifty coupon app, simple and easy to browse. By far the cleanest one I've seen, because the others get too confusing or are very limited. I like the local setting and being able to search too.

9) Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers. Personally I liked the "mom is calling" ringtone, because it was hi-la-rious and so fitting. Free fun and funny stuff, like the transformers ringtone, makes it number 9 on my list. 

8) RD3 Demo. So addicting! At your fingertips lies the vast ability to create hundreds of fun little beats and play them back to your hearts content. If you want to record them however, and avoid the time outs it sporadically displays for ads, the full version is under 5 bucks. 

7) Spanish Translator/Dictionary. Pretty accurate translation either way, and voice-to-text ability. Fun and useful! 

6) Top Songs By Year. Although its always running in the background, you hear AND download the top 100 songs since 1960 to present year. Worth downloading if you have that song from the radio stuck in your head or if you have nostalgia for the 80s and want to listen to Yaz all over again while you groove in your car.

5) For the fans of soccer, as I am, your best bet is FotMob 6.0, which tracks every league from every corner of the globe. You can control which leagues you want scores on, and you can also read top stories. 

4) Memory Trainer. Score for the edutainment industry! This app is fun and helpful, allowing the noggin to exercise itself and supposedly improve your.. what was it? 

3) eMoods is neat, for those of us interested in our emotional status. It tracks your mood highs and lows, quite interestingly enough. Then it displays them in a graph where you can easily see how you've been doing lately. 

2) Electric Sleep- Quite possibly the coolest thing developers are testing. It tracks your sleep cycles, records them in graphs, and wakes you up during light sleep, so you don't arise feeling groggy and horrible. I like it because it allows me to see when my sleep is the deepest and why I feel so tired sometimes. Plus, you can always share the results with your Doctor, which is also nifty. 
As far as number one goes, I'm divided between the Kindle App, and the The Weather Channel. I love the easy read-ness and ability to download free classics, as well as the hour by hour, 36-hour, week and hourly views on the weather.
I continue to plead to developers to create a Netflix streaming app, because c'mon.. why the huge screen if we can't watch our instant queue? Some other neat apps/games you should check out are Unblock Me, Camera 360, Angry Birds, and Google Sky Map. 

Download and enjoy! 


Verreny said...

Cool Thanks :)
Already dl some of your it

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Awesome! I'm looking into picking out the top ten best Health apps. Nutrition, dieting tips, and just general noggin info. Coming soon :)

Verreny said...

Nice. I have an app for weight watchers LOL
BTW, have you tried to dl skype? I did, but it won't sign me in :(

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Downloading now, I'll let you know what happens. :)

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

No can do with Skype :-( it wont even let me create an account because it force closes.

Verreny said...

Ok, well at least I know it's not just me...weird. I even have an account and it won't sign me in! Stupid

Marvin said...

I happen to have the captivate (aka amazing phone that's better than the iphone) as well. I discovered the reason why skype doesnt work is becuase the Captivate has android 2.1 and skype works only for android 2.2. In the meantime you can get wordfeud and play scrabble against your friends if they have the app.

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

You mean .. my phone is already behind the times?!Oh the humanity! Can I get an update? And downloading wordfeud as I type..

emely said...

I download an app called tango...u can see the person ur talking too..that is if they have an account too...check it far as for dieting...i down loaded Myfitness..helps u keep track of daily exercises and calories..and "the moron game"?! Addicting lol

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Em, Tango is awesomeness :) Thanks for introducing me to it. I'm going to compose another blog about the next five awesome apps soon :)