Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feelin' Fruity

So you ever wondered why after eating a fruit, you get all bloated and gassy? See fig. 1 A

Fig. 1 A- The Aftermaths of Banana Eating
 You haven't? Well that surprises me, because we all know you've been the 2nd leading cause of methane pollution. Right after the cows, all 85905490514 of them.

Anyways, turns out, Gassy-pants, that after sacrificing my wallet eating grapefruit and watermelon, I find out I've been eating fruits incorrectly all my life. How so? There's a process to munching fruits apparently, and I'm suing pbskids for not exploiting it. Turns out eating fruits after a meal is as useful as a styrofoam turkey. See fig. 1B

Fruits should actually be taken on an empty stomach to produce their desired effect. Fear no more having to reject a delicious apple, or run to the closest bathroom after a juicy watermelon.

This fancy blog (click here) about a former NY living in Manila gathers more insight on the subject. Meanwhile fellas, stick to eating bananas in the comfort and privacy of your bathroom. You have been warned. Thx
Fig. 1 B- Confused Styrofoam Oversized Chicken Looking Turkey


Ingie said...

Babes, you did a great job on this topic. You put the cherry on top!! GREAT WORK! I was laughing so much when i read it! :)

You see people EDUCATIONAL for your sake!

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

:) I'm glad you approve! smelly gas is always funny :)