Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ninfamous vs Road Ragers

Snow means ice. Ice means blockage. Blockage means slow moving and lots of cars getting stuck. 
What's so complicated about that equation? 
This weekend my friend dropped me off during a ice rainfall at my house. Unfortunately he missed a bump of ice and drove straight into it, getting stuck. Unfortunately I live in a narrow road, which should be a one way. As three of us got out to push the van towards the road and someone geared inside, a small blockage of cars began to form at the road entrance. 
Let's pause and picture the image. Freezing rain is falling upon us, snow is getting on our feet and melting inside our socks, and everytime my friend floors the gas pedal, pieces of ice and snow pelt my face. Now take a wild guess. 
Do you think of all the winter pasttimes, this is the entertainment of my choice? Does it look like we're shooting a winter flick? A minivan commercial? Are you stupid? 
Can someone explain to me, WHY YOU NEED TO HONK?! Isn't the visual imagery enough to send  your gears cranking in the logical direction? If you're going to sit your hairy butt inside the comfort of your car and watch while the rest of us helplessly toil, at least be silent about it. 
I almost went Chuck Chan on their windshield. Then I thought better of it. Broken glass hurts. 
New Englanders are a pain in the rear. I'm moving back to FL. At least every season brings a new batch of snow birds. And if we're sick of them, there's a probability the next season we'll have replacements ;)

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